SUNDAYS 9a & 11a

At Rock Bible Church… We are Christ Centered, Biblically Based, Compelling, Casual, Community, compelling ourselves and others to Christ, in casual ways that welcome all to worship, being a community that serves the greater community.

Rock Bible Church exists to glorify God and accomplish His purposes. We are committed to worshipping God the Father, teaching scripture, obeying the Lordship of Christ, and to loving our neighbors. We will do this near and far, with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Matt 22; Mark 12)

At Rock Bible Church, our worship is focused on loving God and loving our neighbors.  This is the great commandment, given to us by Jesus Himself.  We use scripture as our tool in accomplishing this goal. Therefore, our services can be summed up as a time of singing and preaching, from a biblical basis, with modern day applications.

Each service will incorporate singing, teaching, prayer, and tithing. Other elements may or may not include communion, testimony, or baptism. Although not limited to these, they are the majority of the experience you can expect to enjoy with us. Our style includes current trends and some traditional methods. In all, we compel each other to Christ, in a casual environment, as we experience our place in Jesus and His community.

We hope you will join us and explore God and our church for yourself!

Scott Berglin, Lead Pastor

Sundays 9a & 11a
Rock Bible Church
4100 1st Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566

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